Every soap opera fan has their favorite soap, but a lot of times others are just looking for something new to add to their daily routine. If you live in Canada and are a subscriber of APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network), Soaps.com has some news for you!

The series plans to be set in Canada’s North region, at a hospital in Whitehorse, and surround the lives and relationships between Inuvialuit and Gwich’in characters to reflect the Aboriginal culture. They even have plans to put out a casting call to those living in the Northwest Territories’ Beaufort Delta, where the Inuvialuit culture is based.

Topsy Cockney, executive director of the Inuvialuit Communications Society in Inuvik, said the show will be ‘like a soap opera’, but more on the light-hearted side, in order to gain a wider viewership – particularly the younger crowd.

Although there is no title or estimated airdate for the soap’s début, this ought to make for a drama-sized cultural added addition to the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network!