Alicia wants to help Leyla. (ITV)

Extended scoop.

Kylie plans for her future on “Coronation Street.” Linda has to control herself after discovering a secret on “EastEnders.” After Declan gives Dom the boot, Vanessa gives him a hand on “Emmerdale.” And Carmel is shocked on “Hollyoaks.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Feeling guilty about what has happened, Peter wishes Tina would stick around. That might be complicated now that she’s had a better look at what he’s really like. As she gives him an ultimatum that would force him to make a choice fast, Carla starts to act on her suspicions. After questioning Liz, she confronts Peter and he does his best to lie his way out of trouble. Meanwhile, Michelle puts on a few pounds. Is this just from the holidays or is she pregnant? She decides to test Steve on how he would react to the latter.

Fiz and Tyrone continue trying to keep Hayley in high spirits as her condition worsens. Roy scores some points with his strawberries, but their happy moments are fraught with anxiety. He remains determined to fulfill all of her requests, although this leads to some curious adventures. And Tony continues getting closer to the Grimshaws again, but is Jason really willing to give his father another shot?

Spoiler alert: Ian is feeling bad about his past. Sharon gets him to open up about it, but it may take the whole Beale family to actually make him feel better. A party gets underway. Ian obviously isn’t thrilled by it and this gnaws away at Denise. She’s already feeling bad with all of the guilt she’s been carrying and looks for a way to make things right.

Shirley, Tina and Linda start to battle over control of Johnny. He’s furious when he catches people leering at his mother. Whitney tries to teach him how to keep a cool head but that could be easier said than done. Meanwhile, Max tries to cut Kirsty out of his life but she is not easy to be rid of. After she has a frank discussion with Shirley, Kirsty decides to take drastic measures to get what she wants.