A week’s worth of drama in a day.

Ridge and Steffy returned to Los Angeles on “B&B.” Theresa blackmailed JJ on “Days.” Maxie stunned Spinelli on “GH,” and Womack gave Fen a warning on “Y&R.”

Read our excerpts and highlights from last week’s episodes, which can be found in full in Soaps.com’s Daily Soap Opera Recaps.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Liam gave Hope an ultimatum to either break ties with Wyatt and marry him or lose him forever. Hope agreed to marry him and told Wyatt she could no longer see him professional or personally. Wyatt professed his love to Hope, who admitted she loved both brothers. Hope kissed Wyatt goodbye then accepted Liam’s engagement ring. Wyatt begged Liam not to force Hope to break their partnership at Forrester and promised to respect their relationship. Liam turned his back on Wyatt then admitted to Bill he still loved Steffy but promised Hope she would no longer be in their lives. Steffy arrived for a quick visit and stopped to see Eric at Forrester. After Eric informed Steffy of Hope and Liam’s upcoming wedding, she boarded the jet. Quinn appeared and urged Steffy to fight for Liam. Steffy wanted the chance for Liam to have a family with Hope, something she couldn’t give him, but later received word that a procedure she’d had done had been successful and she could now conceive. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to hear how Eric reacted to Ridge’s sudden appearance.

Days of our Lives:
Will found Gabi, Sami and Kate together and wondered what the women were hiding. Kate claimed they were gushing over talk of the baby. Will believed they were planning a surprise party for him and enlisted Sonny to find out. Later, while hiding, Sonny recorded Gabi, Kate and Sami discussing how they murdered Nick and learned Nick had planned to rape Gabi. Elsewhere, Theo gave Ciara Sami’s diamond earring. JJ found Theresa across town, confessed that they’d been together the night she overdosed and was stunned to hear she’d known all along and had lied about not remembering. Theresa blackmailed JJ, with a video of him smoking pot, and ordered him to buy her weed. Brady and JJ came face to face in the woods, both looking for the same drug dealer. Meanwhile, Jordan continued to bond with Rafe and vowed not to run again or to let Kate ruin things for her in Salem. Eric underwent a painful procedure at the hospital in order to find out what poison Kristen had administered in him. When he asked Nicole if she’d forgiven him, Nicole admitted she had. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps for details on what confidential documents Dr. Chyka had been hanging on to and why.