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There was hardly a dull moment in Genoa City, Salem, Port Charles or LA last week, and wants to know what you thought about every last moment. Vote your opinion about all of the storylines from “The Bold And The Beautiful” to “The Young And The Restless.”

Polls are updated at the end of the week once the recap for each show is posted, so check regularly for a new round of questions.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Brooke is now the Logan sister on the receiving end of Bill’s whims. Vote in our all new The Bold And The Beautiful poll about whether Brooke deserved to be hurt by Bill’s rejection or not.

Days of our Lives:
Should Marlena be held culpable for playing the video of Father Eric and Kristen having sex? Vote in our Days of our Lives poll about whether she had any other option but pressing play.

General Hospital:
What will Franco do now that he knows the truth about who his parents are? Vote in the General Hospital poll about whether he’ll beg for forgiveness or throw himself into his art.

The Young And The Restless:
Should Adam turn himself in for believing he hit Delia? Vote in our The Young And The Restless poll about whether it’s too soon for a confession or if he should just tell what he knows.

If you have any ideas for polls about your favorite Daytime shows, let us know below or in our Soap Opera message boards. Meanwhile, what was the biggest shocker of the week?