Will's final showdown. (Lime Pictures)

Extended scoop.

Steve gets himself into trouble on “Coronation Street.” Kirsty takes extreme action to pay back her loan shark on “EastEnders.” Rachel makes a shocking confession on “Emmerdale.” A hostage situation goes haywire on “Hollyoaks.” Can the kids have a normal life after being in the cult on “Home and Away?” And Sonya gets an online friend on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Eileen’s house is starting to feel crowded again now that Todd is back. Her son hasn’t been behaving himself it seems, though Todd does his best to shield his mother from this. He attempts manipulating Shawn into taking his side. But playing the innocent may not wash for long.

Dealing with Hayley’s condition and final wishes has Roy near collapse. He can’t hide his emotional turmoil from Anna as it bubbles over. Things continue to get worse for Hayley and she has to push Roy to face it. Meanwhile, Grace and Faye hatch a plot to ruin things for Sally. While Sally remains clueless about this, Owen is quick to catch on to what’s happening. Grace spreads her campaign of terror further and Mary becomes her target. This leads to Norris and Emily going on the defensive.

Spoiler alert: Following the gruesome Halloween events, Joey is put off to arrive in the square and find it swarming with cops. Later, Lauren also runs into something unpleasant and unexpected. When she visits Max in prison, he has some bad news for her. The case is taking a toll on more people than Max though. Ian is feeling overwhelmed but that may not be enough to make him do the right thing.

Bianca heads home with a new man. After that shocks her family, she’s left with a hard choice to make. She wonders if she should convince David to leave for Carol’s sake. Masood is still not happy to have David around. He wishes he’d get lost in spite of how often Carol insists that having him around is no big deal. Meanwhile, David isn’t exactly thrilled about having Terry around and decides to do whatever it takes to figure out what he really wants with his daughter.

Charlie Brooks (Janine) will be leaving “EastEnders” soon but it may not be forever. The character has come and gone numerous times over the years. Details about what this exit may mean for the character have not been released.

Spoiler alert: Jacob has run away, leaving Alicia and David in a panic. It’s not long before they are getting some unexpected help. They also get some unexpected news from Charity. Meanwhile, Gabby gets busy shocking Brenda with her outrageous behavior. Gabby runs around pulling pranks. Nicola is a target while Jimmy and Bernice also feel the effects of her mischief.

David’s week gets even more complicated thanks to a misunderstanding. Things settle down a little when Priya informs him that she is not actually pregnant. Across the village, Amy tries to make the peace with Joanie, but things don’t pan out, especially after Kerry gets between them. And Rodney decides that it’s time for him to go back to escorting but his choice is quickly revealed.