Halloween on EastEnders. (BBC)

Extended scoop.

Eileen gets an uninvited houseguest on “Coronation Street.” Peter and Lola’s night doesn’t go as planned on “EastEnders.” Alicia makes a long delayed confession to Jacob on “Emmerdale.” Strapped for cash, Sienna makes a desperate move on “Hollyoaks.” Brax and Ricky face prison life on “Home and Away.” And Imogen and Amber make amends on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: When Nick pushes himself too hard, David is the one who is left trying to keep the family together. His big gestures might not be enough to make that happen. Leanne is left wondering what to do about her marriage, particularly after Nick has another meltdown.

Tina decides to try and end her war against Tracy, but it could be too late. She attempts to keep a lid on Tommy while Rob is busy running around behind Tracy’s back. Meanwhile, Grace teaches Faye how she can get what she wants from Sally and ruin her life at the same time. Grace’s skills at manipulation could use a little fine tuning, however, since Anna almost catches on to the games she’s been playing.

Spoiler alert: Before Michael’s plan can sink, he stumbles onto just what he needs to keep it afloat. The chance to kill Janine is clearly set before him, but it might be hard for him to go ahead with it. After taking a disturbing call from Alice, Michael tracks down Janine, who is all by herself on her birthday. Alice soon shows up and finds them together. It’s not long before one of them is dead.

Alfie and Roxy think that they can save their relationship by staying away from certain people. That could be harder than they were expecting. His week is complicated further when a get-together at The Vic goes all wrong. It gets even worse after Ronnie catches him in an intimate moment with Kat.

Spoiler alert: Victoria has a hard time throwing together a funeral for Turner. The event winds up launching a few surprises on the villagers who attend. Meanwhile, Laurel is not thrilled by Moira’s houseguest. Her week continues on the downturn when her bid for justice hits a snag. Moira’s week doesn’t look good either. She catches Cain planning a big scam so he can pull the cash together to save the farm.

Declan is not feeling optimistic about his future with Megan, no matter how hard she tries to convince him otherwise. She does manage to cheer him up though… for about five minutes. He goes sour again when Katie comes back. Across the village, Amy heads in for her meeting with social services. That doesn’t pan out as she thought it would. Later, Kerry nags her to reconcile with Joanie.