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We know that if you saw any of the soaps on ABC, CBS, and NBC last week, you probably have something to say about all of them. From “The Bold And The Beautiful” to “The Young And The Restless,” wants you to vote your thoughts about all the storylines you loathed and loved in our weekly soap opera polls.

Polls for each show are updated at the end of the week once the recap is posted, so check back regularly for a new round of questions.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Finally, Hope has options! Vote in our all new The Bold And The Beautiful poll about whether you think she should commit to Wyatt or go through with her wedding to Liam.

Days of our Lives:
Still no sex tape, Chad recouped, and JJ raged on. Give the show a grade and vote in our Days of our Lives poll about whether the show tanked or was tops.

General Hospital:
Kiki and Michael began a job hunt while everyone else’s world was falling apart. Vote in the General Hospital poll about where you think Michael might end up within his family business options.

The Young And The Restless:
Sharon isn’t giving up on Nick. At all. Ever. Should she? Vote in our The Young And The Restless poll about whether you think Sharon needs to drop it or ramp it up another notch or two.

Have any ideas for polls about your favorite Daytime show? Let us know below or in our Soap Opera message boards. Meanwhile, what storyline brought on the waterworks?