Alice has second thoughts. (BBC)

Extended scoop.

Dev helps Chesney out on “Coronation Street.” Lauren is devastated when things fall apart for Max on “EastEnders.” Someone loses their lover on “Emmerdale.” Holly gets a shock from Cindy on “Hollyoaks.” Jett obsesses over Nina on “Home and Away.” And Rhiannon and her son stir things up when he goes missing on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: In the midst of an argument with Roy, Hayley takes a turn for the worse and is rushed to the hospital. Fiz and Tyrone join Roy to wait for news. In spite of this troubling event, Roy still may not be willing to fulfill Hayley’s final request. Meanwhile, Tim continues to disappoint Sally. He debates with himself about whether or not he should tell her what he really wants, but she remains desperate to hold onto him.

Felling bad, Dennis has something to tell Tina. He sold Rita’s ring to Barlow’s Buys. The next thing you know, Tina is gunning for Tracey. Although her rash actions get on Tommy’s nerves, Tina continues to escalate her battle against Barlow but taking on Weatherfield’s most dangerous woman might prove to be too much for her.

Spoiler alert: Alice is desperate to get back into Janine’s good graces. She starts to tense up when her plan with Michael starts to fall apart. As she panics that she could soon be found out, Michael remains confident that the plan is going swimmingly. But when he pushes Alice to take the next move, she starts to have second thoughts about working with him.

David manages to annoy Ian and make Tiffany happy all at once. However, this little victory is soon marred as Sharon starts hurling accusations at Whitney. David tries to keep things cool but Whitney soon loses her temper and things flare up again. His attempts to keep the family together hit another snag when someone comes back.

Spoiler alert: Paddy finally faces up to Rhona, but he may have a harder time facing up to the fact that he was unfaithful to her. Meanwhile, Vanessa is put off by the fact that Rhona seems to keep snubbing her. Vanessa’s week gets an unusual distraction when she is called to attend to a human patient in spite of the fact that she’s a veterinarian. Across the village, Moira upsets Cain when he learns that she’s planning to sell the farm. He gives her a proposition she was not anticipating, but he may have to commit a crime to make good on his offer.

Dan and Kerry’s plans for romance are ruined by Ali. Kerry soon has other distractions to deal with. Yet, she manages to figure out how she can use Dan’s newest arrangements to her own interests. Meanwhile, Betty and Victoria plan a party for Alan. Unfortunately, he dies and leaves Betty having to figure out how she can grant his final requests.

Chelsea Halfpenny will be leaving the cast of “Emmerdale.” She has been playing Amy Wyatt since 2010. Her exit date has not yet been announced.