Lauren and Jake get together. (BBC)

Extended scoop.

A familiar face returns to the Rovers on “Coronation Street.” Things heat up between Lucy and Danny on “EastEnders.” Marlon faces doom on “Emmerdale.” Sinead puts a wrinkle in Ste and Doug’s plans to leave “Hollyoaks.” John has to come clean with Marilyn on “Home and Away.” And Bailey is suspicious of Callum on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Furious Kylie demands the truth out of Tina. When she gets it, she explodes, leaving David and Nick to deal with the disaster their lives have become. Meanwhile, Steve’s life is in much lower-level disaster mode as things get even more awkward with Michelle thanks to Liz’s return. Her week only gets more annoying when her father makes a confession to her that she was not expecting.

Roy gets a dancing lesson and whisks Hayley away to Blackpool for a ball. She’s amazed by his thoughtful gesture. He’s shocked by what she suggests afterwards. Her final request may be more than he is willing to do.

Former “Emmerdale” actress Hayley Tamaddon (ex-Delilah) has joined the cast of “Coronation Street.” She will play Andrea, a friend Steve (Simon Gregson) makes when he decides to head back to school.

Spoiler alert: Jack tries to cheer Ronnie up, although Phil clearly is not supportive of this. The tension between the Mitchells is matched by the tension between Jack and Ronnie, who wonder about what could have been. Ronnie also feels some pressure from Carl but then she feels support where she was not expecting it.

Michael’s dastardly scheme to ruin Janine could hit a roadblock thanks to Alice. He has to think fast to try and keep her on board but seems to succeed in effectively pulling her strings. Meanwhile, Carol can’t be sure that she can trust herself around David, especially after she hears that Bianca has extended her trip. And Ian notices that David is back. It’s not long before they are pushing each other’s buttons.