A week’s worth of drama in a day.

Brooke said yes to Bill on “B&B.” Kayla made JJ suspicious on “DOOL.” Robin resurfaced on “GH,” and Carmine was shot on “Y&R.”

Here are a few excerpts from last week’s episodes, which can be found in full in Soaps.com’s Daily Soap Opera Summaries.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Wyatt begged Hope not to marry Liam and asked her to be ‘his everything’. Hope was touched to receive a special video documenting their relationship from Liam. Liam chatted with Steffy online, who convinced him to make her a video tribute of their marriage. When Wyatt and Hope returned home with the diamond, Pam wondered if everyone felt its powers. Hope’s determination to marry Liam left Wyatt at a standstill. Quinn refused to allow her son to give up on Hope and convinced Rick to schedule the fashion show immediately, which interfered with Liam and Hope’s wedding plans. The fashion show got underway and talk of the diamond’s powers continued. Hope’s gaze went from Liam to Wyatt. After Brooke accepted Bill’s marriage proposal, she overheard Donna warn Bill to think about what he was throwing away. Donna was stunned to see Brooke’s engagement ring. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to find out what Pam placed a bet on.

Days of our Lives:
EJ taunted Rafe about Sami being free while he was stuck in a hospital bed. Rafe accused EJ of being jealous of the time he had with Sami. While Stefano replaced Sami’s portrait with his, Sami appeared and realized EJ knew his father had moved back home. Sami was furious with EJ and refused to live at the mansion. Caroline took EJ’s side and reminded Sami he’d only kept his promise to do whatever it took to get her released. Sami backtracked and agreed to stay at the mansion with EJ then explained her reasoning to Will. EJ then moved on to help Chad keep his secret. Gabi urged Kate to tell Rafe how she really felt then apologized to Will and Sonny and blamed loneliness as a reason for kissing Nick. Anne hired Theresa in security, which was laughable to Jenn. Theresa badmouthed Jenn as a mother, who in turn screamed for Theresa to shut her mouth. Kayla warned JJ that Jack hadn’t been perfect but refused to explain. JJ vowed to find out what Kayla was hiding. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps to hear what Marge had to say as she lashed out at people all over Salem.