Credit: Michael wears Janine down. (BBC)

Extended scoop.

Eileen winds up on a date with Barrie on “Coronation Street.” Alfie tries forcing a confession out of Roxy on “EastEnders.” Cameron’s escape sends the villagers into a panic on “Emmerdale.” Jim has a plan to get the village out of danger on “Hollyoaks.” Spencer tries dealing with his bipolar disorder without medication on “Home and Away.” And Chris’ attempt to get over Hudson leads him toward destruction on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: David can feel his life falling apart as Nick reveals that he remembers everything that happened before the crash. He makes some harsh demands on his brother. Tina is also making demands on David. She offers to help him get the DNA test done, but it could be for naught since Kylie catches them conspiring and has a fit.

Steve’s mysterious behavior is getting on Michelle’s nerves. He plots to buy the Rovers back from Stella. He asks her to keep this quiet until he can tell Michelle about it. Meanwhile, Roy’s relentless logic continues to get in the way of him comforting Hayley. However, things brighten up a little when she attends a cancer support group and is encouraged to enjoy the time she has left.

Spoiler alert: News about the transplant operation comes down to Dexter, but he soon starts to worry that there could be future complications. As Sam’s health deteriorates, Dexter’s guilt starts to eat him alive. He is forced to decide whether or not he is willing to undergo a dangerous operation in order to save his father.

David settles back in and lays on the charm, but not everyone is buying it. He attempts to get some money out of Janine, but she has more to worry about than her step-brother. Michael continues to wear her down and manipulate her. He ups the ante and terrifies her when Scarlett is placed in danger. He pulls Alice further into his plans to ruin Janine. Her week gets even worse when Danny places her in competition with Lucy.

It looks like “EastEnders” will be having a substantial makeover soon. The series has cut six of its actors. Kierston Wareing (Kirsty Branning), Phaldut Sharma (AJ Masood), Daniel Coonan (Carl White), Rachel Bright (Poppy Meadow), Cornell S John (Sam James) and Clare Perkins (Ava Hartman) have all been axed from the soap. Their final scenes are expected to air before Christmas.