Bill Ward to Emmerdale. (

Extended scoop.

Hayley heads home exhausted on “Coronation Street.” Ian asks Denise to move in with him on “EastEnders.” Moira worries about what will happen to her son on “Emmerdale.” Freddie gets a gun shoved in his face on “Hollyoaks.” Marilyn gets dragged back into a triangle with Winston and John on “Home and Away.” And Georgia decides she can’t give up nursing on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Karl starts to come apart at the seams as the cops question him concerning Craig’s sudden disappearance. The cops aren’t the only ones with questions either. Dev and Jason have quite a few for him themselves. Karl desperately tries to lie his way out of it so that he can make it down the altar with Stella. However, Dev is not about to let her marry the man he thinks murdered Sunita.

Sally’s relationship with Tim continues to make waves on the street. All of the aggravation is starting to get to Tim and he thinks of packing it all in. Sally frets that he will finish with her but fears that it’s inevitable. Meanwhile, Anna and Owen are impressed by how well Faye is doing now that she’s finally made a friend, who may not exactly be what she seems. And Owen makes a surprise offer to Audrey, who winds up living with Marcus and Maria, much to his chagrin.

Spoiler alert: Roxy wants to keep Alfie but that could be hard with Ronnie back in the picture. Jack has a hard time keeping his distance from Ronnie and news of her release from prison doesn’t sit well with Alfie. Things get worse when he learns what Roxie is planning for the ex-con. That could spell the end for them, but their plans aren’t the only ones being overturned. Settling back in, Ronnie quickly learns that she and Roxy won’t be leaving town as planned.

Ian learns that Shirley knows his secret and turns to Carl to worry. Carl promises to take care of her. Meanwhile, Shirley leaves Walford and her prized possession behind. This confuses Jean, who is already dealing with the uncertain feelings between her and Ollie.

Following in the steps of Barbara Windsor (ex-Peggy), fellow “EastEnders” alum Larry Lamb (ex-Archie) will be doing a guest spot in Monty Python’s “Spamalot.” He will be appearing as God at the Playhouse Theatre in London during the week of September 2. For more information, please visit Spamalot Westend.