Tributes and truths.

Family and friends come together to say goodbye, budding and failing relationships abound, and regret haunts many.

All My Children:
Cara’s determined to protect her son at all costs, Jesse thinks his family is in danger again, and someone is standing in the way of AJ and Miranda. Read the All My Children Spoilers to see who’s facing temptation from another in season one’s finale.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Brooke seeks redemption, Quinn’s predictions are realized, and Bill suffers the weight of his regret after his altercation with Wyatt. Check out The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers to find out who has a proposition for Hope.

Days of our Lives:
Eric holds the fate of Brady’s future with Kristen in his hands, Rafe gets into it with Stefano, and EJ has to explain his actions to Justin. The Days of our Lives Spoilers tell us someone else is proposing something to Marlena.