Credit: (Nikki Nelson / WENN)

Race against time.

It’s a race this week to save someone, protect someone, and spill someone’s secret.

All My Children:
Cassandra leaves the hospital, Colby is eager to have Pete to herself, and JR threatens Cara. Read the All My Children Spoilers to see who gets kissed.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Caroline can’t resist the urge to spill Maya’s secret to Rick, Bill and Brooke have news, and Eric makes a decision after the HFTF launch. Check out The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers to find out who Wyatt is getting into trouble with next.

Days of our Lives:
JJ gives Jennifer a piece of his mind, Gabi has words with Sonny and Will, and Cameron’s actions confuse Abigail. The Days of our Lives Spoilers tell us something is keeping Father Eric up at night.