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Polls for each show are updated at the end of the week once the recap is posted, so check back regularly for a new round of questions.

All My Children:
How will David learn the truth about Oliver? Vote in the new All My Children poll about whether you think JR will spill the secret or if David even finds out at all.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Vote in the latest The Bold And The Beautiful poll about whether you think Wyatt should be a very good boy, a very naughty boy or a little bit of both.

Days of our Lives:
So Kristen is concerned she could possibly be pregnant. Is the baby Brady’s or Eric’s? Vote in the new Days of our Lives poll.

General Hospital:
What did you think about Sean Donely’s return to the show? Vote in the General Hospital poll about whether you were glad to see him or if it was a pointless return, especially without Tiffany.

One Life To Live:
Vote in our new One Life To Live poll about whether you were shocked to see Allison show up or if you knew it was only a matter of time.

The Young And The Restless:
Will Victor screw Adam over? Vote in The Young And The Restless poll about whether you think so or not.

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