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Extended scoop.

Sally lets out what she can’t hold in anymore on “Coronation Street.” Billy wins on the horses but could lose out on Tara on “EastEnders.” Amy and Zak bond over Kyle on “Emmerdale.” Jim does his best to make sure that Dr. Browning leaves “Hollyoaks.” Winston gets under John’s skin on “Home and Away.” And Jack Lassiter returns to Erinsborough on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: As David is about to spill everything to Leanne, Kylie goes into labor. Sean has to help her out until Gail winds up being the one to deliver the kid. It’s not long after the baby is out that Gail is prodding Kylie to get a DNA test. Meanwhile, Hayley’s operation looms large and Roy does his best to keep her cool.

Chesney doesn’t seem totally sure about choosing Sinead over Katy. Sinead is quick to sense that he really hasn’t gotten over his ex. Across the street, Karl starts to worry that he could be losing Stella again. Rattled, he says a lot more than he should to Jason. Disturbed by what he suspects, Jason ends up inspiring Dev’s suspicions.

Coronation Street star Chris Fountain fired. The actor, who played Tommy, has been fired from the series in light of a video he posted online. Made a year ago, the video features him rapping as his alter-ego, The Phantom, about rape and violence. The actor had apologized but was dismissed following an investigation by his bosses.

Spoiler alert: The big camping trip quickly turns into a disaster. Abi tells Jay something that he doesn’t want to hear and this leaves them bickering. Their relationship rapidly falls apart and Jay makes a hasty decision that is almost certain to end it. Meanwhile, Dexter’s caravan is robbed and £10,000 is ripped off from Phil. His friends team up to figure out who stole it and they hatch a dangerous plan.

Although Jean and Ollie are getting along great, that could change when Alfie tries forcing her to tell Ollie that she is bipolar. She worries about how he will react. As she delays coming clean about it, the mixed signals she sends could wind up dooming things before they go any further.

Spoiler alert: Paddy is shocked when he catches Rhona in Vanessa’s arms. Getting the affair out in the open is just as hard on Rhona. As her life falls apart, she turns to drugs again and overdoses. That doesn’t kill her, but it will have long term effects on the rest of his life. Although unsure if he can forgive her for the things she’s done, Paddy still wants to be by her side to help her fight her addiction.

News of the murder spreads and throws the village into confusion and shock. Cameron panics as the police begin making inquiries. He decides that he’ll have to frame someone for his crimes and he better do it fast. However, this could be difficult for him since he suddenly finds that he is being blackmailed. Meanwhile, Charity and Alicia’s sons go missing. Although it’s only momentary, the murderous atmosphere makes it feel like forever. Noah confesses the real reason he ran off and this leads to Charity trying to work things out with Jai.