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Extended scoop.

David tries to bury his guilt on “Coronation Street.” Joey tries hunting down who has been dealing drugs at R&R on “EastEnders.” Amy attempts to move on from Kyle on “Emmerdale.” Esther worries that she’s lost Tilly on “Hollyoaks.” Marilyn has to face Jett’s criticism on “Home And Away.” And Susan continues to worry about Imogen on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Attending Jake’s party pushes Tina over the edge. Her violent reaction winds up putting Rita in danger, something which outrages Dennis. Tina finally pulls herself together and does her best to move on, but Gary starts to think that she shouldn’t be allowed back into Jake’s life.

The reasons for Craig’s strange behavior are finally revealed. Karl is shocked when he is confronted with the fact that Craig knows about his dastardly deeds. Karl wastes no time before threatening the lad in a bid to bully him into silence. And Tim has another reason to think about sticking around in Weatherfield, but will he and Sally face their feelings for each other?

Spoiler alert: People get worried when Lauren decides she’s going to throw a party for Jim. The shindig doesn’t run smoothly and the prospect of falling off the wagon soon presents itself. She finds her way to a counseling session. Her luck starts to look up when she meets a handsome man on the way.

Janine pushes Michael’s buttons by rubbing her relationship with Danny in his face. Michael isn’t shy about telling Danny how he feels about this but Danny has a plan to keep him at bay. Meanwhile, Phil and Max join up to kick someone clear out of their lives. And Alice could be getting someone in her life when she has a blind date with Tamwar.