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The second season of the online web series Dating In The Middle Ages launches at 10:00 AM PST today. Created by Devin Mills, who fans may recall seeing working on “Days of Our Lives” in 2009 as a flight attendant and in 2008 on “General Hospital” as a wedding planner, “Dating In The Middle Ages” follows Samantha Collins (Mills), a divorced, historical romance novelist attempting to navigate the dating scene after her marriage ends.

The new season features Deidre Hall (Marlena, “Days of our Lives”) as her mother and Matthew Ashford (ex-Jack, “Days of our Lives”) as her love interest, Nick Hamilton, a non-fiction writer who meets Samantha at a lecture. Ashford also appears in one of her medieval fantasy sequences where things get a little hot and steamy.

All three stars spoke with about the work it takes to produce a web series as well as what to expect during Season 2.

Devin Mills: How did you come up with the idea for the show?

Mills: My marriage ended after fifteen years and I was single for about a year when my girlfriends started telling me I had to get on the dating scene again. But they also warned me on how very different it was since I’d been single and dating, and that I needed to be prepared for anything. Then they started telling me dating horror stories. I was entertained and mortified at the same time. I started thinking that most people can relate to this, so what if I could make it a comedy series about the muck one woman goes through trying to find her modern day Carey Grant? Voila, “Dating In The Middle Ages.” Why the medieval interludes? How fun are those to perform?

Mills: In “DITMA” my character Samantha Collins is a historical romance writer and her novels take place in the Middle Ages – that is her second home so to speak. So it makes sense that when she daydreams about dates they end up coming out (most of the time) in medieval fantasies.

It’s also a musical comedy, so as for the musical numbers – they can take place in any time period. It kind of depends on the song I write and what era I see it in. Last season during episode three I had a fun Lady Gaga-esque music video fantasy and this season during episode two there is a kind of retro-60’s Motown number. There are two more musical numbers in season two as well. That’s part of the fun of actually creating your own stories. There is a lot of freedom. It’s always fun to dance, sing and act no matter what time period. I’m so blessed to be able to do this. What are some of the challenges of producing a web series?

Mills: Well, we don’t have a network behind us (yet, fingers crossed) so there isn’t a lot of money. It causes challenges in all areas, but the upside is you have to become very creative to meet those challenges and that can be a blast. Also since the web series industry is still pretty new and audiences are still finding their way towards it, especially those over 25, it can be challenging to find your audience and get them to watch. And, telling a story in under ten minutes can be difficult, so you really need to be able to edit yourself well. Mine is more of a funny soap opera and I’m lucky because it works well in short-form storytelling. What can people expect during Season 2?

Mills: To laugh a lot I hope. And to relate to Samantha trying to find her Mr. Right through some very frustrating, albeit comical, situations. Also my mother, played by the wonderful Deidre Hall, is introduced this season. She’s a fun, sexy, optimistic character whose mission is to find the right date for her daughter. She also sings in one of the episodes – so much fun. My daughter played by Courtney Merritt is also introduced, as is Samantha’s new, possible Mr. Right, played by handsome and dashing Matthew Ashford. He gets to be medieval as well as modern this season. And lastly, the very – and I mean very – bad date this season is played by John Bader and he is simply hysterical. I’m so excited about all these guys. It is going to be a blast for viewers, especially the end of the season which takes place out in the wilderness and Samantha gets – oops, sorry, don’t want to give it away! Let me just say I hope viewers have as much fun watching “Dating In The Middle Ages” as we did making this fun series, all just for them.

Deidre Hall: How did you get involved with “Dating in the Middle Ages?”

Hall: The call came from my new agents at Innovative. They were wanting some comedy footage on me and this fit the bill! Can you tell us a little about your character?

Hall: Her name is Fiona Fleming, and she is a saucy, direct, sensual, outspoken mother and grandmother. Do you like to play matchmaker in real life like your character does on “DITMA?”

Hall: Sadly not. If I knew an attractive, stable, funny, available man in my age range, I’d be dating him myself! We understand you sing a bit on the show. Was that something you were comfortable with?

Hall: It is not my own discomfort with singing, the issue is the discomfort of the audience! How is working on a web series?

Hall: Shooting a web series is like playing dress-up and doing a home movie of it. Continual hilarity and very loose margins. Fabulous!!

Matthew Ashford: How did you get involved with “Dating in the Middle Ages?”

Ashford: I got involved in “DITMA” in the most natural of ways. I got a call from my agent and went to the audition! I came in and read with the casting director while the producers looked on with a camera recording. I guess they saw something they liked because I am here! Can you tell us a little about your character?

Ashford: My character, Nick Hamilton, is introduced in one of Samantha’s medieval fantasies, a great place for an actor if you are willing to let go! And in that scene, what I do creates wonderful discord with the audience as they observe Samantha try to put her medieval world together. In the modern day episodes Nick believes in himself, maybe more than others might, and generally loves his work and artistry. He’s a non-fiction writer in the series and he is hit on by this woman who shakes his world all up! What do you love about working on a web series?

Ashford: Web series at this point are the Wild West. Anyone can do them, but will they? Only persistence and a vision will see them through. I hope to make my mark in them as you really have a chance to reinvent yourself again and again! Anything else you’d like to add about your experience?

Ashford: The characters and actors are all really fun and there is also a musical element crossing into the narrative sometimes – it gives you a great chance to tell the story in new and interesting ways.

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– Hollie Deese