Can Indi change Dex's plans? (Channel 5)

Extended scoop.

Tina tries to move on but Jake’s party makes that hard on “Coronation Street.” Janine and Michael are forced to unite for Scarlett’s sake on “EastEnders.” Debbie and Cameron have to work together to cover their tracks on “Emmerdale.” Dr. Browning comes to his breaking point on “Hollyoaks.” Harvey tries to make things right with Sally and Pippa on “Home And Away.” And Callum finds a new girl to lust after on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: David manages to get his brother on the road trip from Hell. Unable to contain his anger anymore, David takes it out on Nick. When it looks like Nick could be a goner, his brother starts to worry that he may have gone too far. Back in Weatherfield. Leanne panics and calls the police.

Peter tries to give Tracy some advice, but it’s not long before Rob shows up with some choice words for the bookie. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Mandy’s relationship continues to hit the skids when he starts to think that she’s something of a snob. And Norris has a severe overreaction when a paperboy seems to have gone missing.

Spoiler alert: As soon as Max is back, he’s getting ultimatums from Kirsty. After being stuck in a compromising position, his daughter starts ordering him around. Kirsty is left attempting to save her relationship with Max when it looks like she could have to sacrifice it. She winds up getting some help from someone unexpected.

Booty’s will open again. The place has been bought up by Sadie, who immediately annoys all of the local women by flirting with their men. Meanwhile, Lucy and Billy give their all to try and bowl Janine over with their skill as employees. Lucy manages to stumble on evidence that Ian has been ripping Janine off to give cash to Carl and is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to rat him out.

Fan fave Michael French will be returning as David Wicks to settle some unfinished business. He will begin shooting new material this summer.

Spoiler alert: Rhona winds up in the hospital after taking a new drug. While she’s in care, Vanessa decides to tell Paddy that Rhona has been seeing someone else. That’s not the only relationship getting rocky. Jacob is quick to notice that Alicia seems to find the idea of moving in with Dom pretty dodgy. Sharing space quickly causes the tension to rise between them.

Laurel stalks the man she assumes to be her carjacker. When she arms herself and heads for his place, Marlon gets wind of it and rushes to stop her before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Eric discovers the truth about Amy’s son, Kyle. It turns out that his adoptive parents are dead. When Amy hears of this, she has an important choice to make.