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Some truths reveal things in a new light.

A few people are compelled to tell the truth while others need it coaxed out of them. Find out who is confessing on their own while others try to keep their mouths shut.

All My Children:
Someone’s auctioned off for the date of a lifetime, Colby surprises Celia about her connection with Pete, and Brooke gives Opal an assignment for the upcoming gala. Read the All My Children Spoilers to see who’s making strong connections.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Katie makes her position known, Donna steps in the middle of Katie and Brooke’s problems, and Bill shows his true colors. Check out The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers and find out who is getting close with Brooke.

Days of our Lives:
Nicole confronts EJ, Adrienne does something that stuns Sonny and Justin, and Daniel has a theory on who poisoned Father Eric. The Days of our Lives Spoilers tell us what Rafe is demanding of Kate.