Cameron makes a confession. (ITV)

Extended scoop.

Nick starts to lose it as David goes ahead with the latest step in his revenge plot on “Coronation Street.” Dot and Cora battle it out over a frying pan on “EastEnders.” Sean has a confession to make on “Emmerdale.” John Paul’s latest adventure in love could be over before it begins on “Hollyoaks.” Zac tries convincing Heath to stick by Bianca on “Home and Away.” And it’s a week full of fights on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Carla reaches out to Hayley when she notices how much she could use some support. Hayley still hasn’t come clean with Roy about her condition. Her silence is starting to get to him. He finally blows up at her, but has an even harder time dealing with what she’s been hiding. Meanwhile, Rob and Tracy announce the plans which they have been hiding. This infuriates Carla. Getting desperate, she turns to Peter with a plan of her own. What happens next leaves Michelle in shock.

Residents of the street continue giving Paul a hard time over what he said to Lloyd. Sally and Sophie dig into the arguments thanks to their sympathies with Jenna. When Sophie badmouths him in public, Paul blows up at her and then has to face the wrath of Sally.

Spoiler alert: Jean has a hard time dealing with the pressure of a date and her guilt. Ian is dealing with his own guilt. He’s more rattled than usual and it has Bianca worried. Things get more complicated thanks to Tiffany and Bobby loving it up. And Bianca’s bad week gets worse as Whitney is pushed to confront her demons thanks to a message from someone in her past.

Shirley finds herself in some more trouble. She and Denise are thrilled when someone they were not expecting winds up offering their help. Meanwhile, Sharon tries making things a little easier for Dennis. But deciding to let him off the leash a little is a choice she quickly regrets.