How much is it worth to keep a secret?

There’s blackmail, someone is about to be homeless, and a few relationships are going sour this week.

All My Children:
Cara gets a surprise from JR, Colby wants Celia’s help planning a gala, and Jesse is done with Uri. Don’t miss the All My Children Spoilers to see who might be putting their family in danger.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Bill gets a lesson in responsibility, Liam makes a decision, and Bill seeks help from someone. Read The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers and find out who Hope meets next.

Days of our Lives:
Rafe reacts to seeing Sami, Brady makes a confession, and Theresa gets a warning from Jenn to stay away from JJ. The Days of our Lives Spoilers indicate someone is getting kicked out of the DiMera mansion.

General Hospital:
Maxie advises Connie on relationships, Franco gets threatened, and Sam visits Heather. Soaps.com’s General Hospital Spoilers mention someone is getting blackmailed.