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Catching up with the former Daytime actors. has the latest goings on for some former actors of Daytime cancelled soaps, “As The World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” and “Passions.” Film roles are abound, magazine features are thrown into the mix, two former castmates make things official, and more in this month’s after-Daytime column.

Jake Silbermann in Times Square Magazine:
“As The World Turns” actor Jake Silbermann (ex-Noah Mayer) recently landed on the cover of Times Square magazine. The actor talked about his Oakdale character, Noah and Luke’s (Van Hansis) love story and how his loyal fans have stayed with him even after the CBS soap opera went dark on September 17, 2010. See the cover and read Jake Silbermann’s Times Square Interview for more.

Ellen Dolan in A Place For Heroes:
Ellen Dolan, who played “ATWT’s” Margo Hughes from 1989 to 2010, will be appearing in the new film “A Place For Heroes” as Lillian. The film stars Paul Sorvino (“Jersey Shore Shark Attack”) and Sally Kellerman (“Unsupervised”) and surrounds how a daughter’s search leads to uncovering a World War II hero’s checkered past.

Valentina de Angelis in Everlasting:
“ATWT” fans will recall Valentina de Angelis from her role as Faith Snyder in 2010. The actress is starring as Jessie in the thriller “Everlasting,” which focuses on the travels of a high school filmmaker who confronts a Los Angeles man who murdered his girlfriend. Adam David (“Jack The Reaper”) also stars as Matt.

Vanessa Ray in Wisdom Teeth:
Vanessa Ray (“ATWT’s” ex-Teri Ciccone, “Pretty Little Liars'” Cece Drake) is taking part in the upcoming project “Wisdom Teeth.” Though there aren’t any character details for the actress at this time, the comedy tracks the journeys of two guys who plan to leave New York behind in order to become writers of a Los Angeles reality TV show.

Alexandra Chando in Construction:
Alexandra Chando, best known from her “As The World Turns” role as Maddie Coleman (2005 to 2010) will play Colleen in the October 30, 2013 comedy “Construction.” A story about men and the women who make them better, three guys feel stuck in their lives and remember the dreams of their youth.

Murray Bartlett in made for television movie:
Murray Bartlett (“Guiding Light’s” ex-Cyrus Foley) has been cast to appear as Dom in Michael Lannan’s untitled comedy pilot. The pilot was picked up by HBO and will follow the lives of three San Francisco gay friends.

Robert Bogue in Old 37:
What happens when two brothers hide out in their father’s old ambulance and intercept 911 calls all in the name of revenge? Viewers will find out as Robert Bogue’s (“GL’s” ex-AC Mallett) character Detective Higgins is on the case. A release date for “Old 37” has yet to be announced. For fans who don’t know, the actor is married to his former Springfield co-star Mandy Bruno, played by Marina Cooper from 2004 to 2009.