Racing after an empty pram. (e4)

Extended scoop.

Peter makes a move that leaves Carla worried he could be plunging into a new addiction on “Coronation Street.” Dexter gives Ava a dangerous ultimatum on “EastEnders.” Although she spots Cain in her stolen car, Laurel doesn’t tip off the cops on “Emmerdale.” John Paul gets distracted by Danny, the new supply teacher on “Hollyoaks.” Casey has to deal with Brax and Ricky’s relationship on “Home and Away.” And Ajay and Rani leave for India after receiving some horrible news on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: David’s plan to ruin his brother’s life and marriage continues. He sets his sights on destroying Leanne’s new bistro and does his best to ignite quarrels between the couple. Meanwhile, a surprising conflict erupts when Paul blurts something out to Lloyd that leaves people horrified. Will he apologize?

Sinead continues to think that Chesney is not over his ex. Chesney is left to tell Katy what Ryan has been getting up to behind her back. She won’t be forgiving her new boyfriend, but will she be able to get some forgiveness from her old one? Sinead warns Chesney that he better make his mind up fast because she’s sick of his dithering.

Spoiler alert: When Bianca places Jean in danger, Kat is furious. Bianca has more to worry about than mending a friendship though when Liam takes off before the court hearing can begin. She winds up getting some help from someone unexpected. Meanwhile, Michael tries to ingratiate himself with Janine again, but those plans hit a snag when Joey gets into the thick of things.

Ian has to think fast about what to tell the cops when they show up. He later manages to eavesdrop on a bit of lucrative information which could prove dangerous for someone in the square. He turns to Lucy for some help with his latest plan but their checkered past makes her question whether that’s a good idea or not.

Spoiler alert: While Steve is trying to get close to Nicola, Val and Pollard want to bring him and Bernice into their new B&B business. Meanwhile, things continue to look grim for Rhona. She stages a break-in at the vets and lets Pearl take the blame for it. But this scheme rapidly deteriorates and Rhona has to face Vanessa’s accusations.

After another bust up, Sandy tries to make amends with Edna. That may be easier said than done. Priya and Rachel are also working hard to try to mend their rift but that plan crumbles after they share a meal together. And Brenda tells Gennie it’s time for her to shave off her hair.