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A week of fireworks.

How explosive this week will turn out will be determined by how many truths are revealed. There’s more than enough hidden secrets to go around and the time for confidentiality has run out on quite a few.

All My Children:
Zach and Lea try to get evidence to remove Zach from the hot seat, Uri has issues with Jesse, and David makes an appearance on “Talk Tempo.” Don’t miss the All My Children Spoilers to check on the growing mystery for Dixie.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Katie finds out the ugly truth, Rick and Hope are divided, and Steffy gives Liam an answer. See The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers and find out what Caroline is putting out there for Rick to see.

Days of our Lives:
Marge Bernardi confronts Sami, Jennifer’s issues with JJ give her pause with Daniel, and someone could catch on to Kristen’s recent activities. The Days of our Lives Spoilers share that Eric may find clues to his illness.