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Channing Tatum’s new baby girl kicks off the arrival of this year’s summer tots. More troubled celebs find themselves in a twisted jam. And guess whose discarded manicure pulled in a cool 12 grand? Find out more in this week’s Celebrity News!

It’s baby time!
Channing Tatum (“Magic Mike”) is looking forward to diaper-duty after sharing the magical delivery of his daughter Everly with his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum (“Step Up”). Dewan-Tatum gave birth at a London hospital since temporarily relocating there while her husband films his new flick “Jupiter Ascending” with Mila Kunis (“Blood Ties”).
Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet (“Titanic”) will celebrate her upcoming one year wedding anniversary with her third husband Ned Rocknroll by preparing for the arrival of her third child (and their first together) at the end of this year.

Paris Jackson’s attempted suicide.
Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after reportedly trying to kill herself. According to TMZ, a 911 call from a suicide hotline operator, about a reported overdose, led paramedics to Jackson’s Calabasas home where she was found with multiple cuts on her wrist. She was later wheeled out on a stretcher and into a waiting ambulance. Early reports said that Jackson used a meat cleaver to slit her wrists, in addition to overdosing on Motrin pills. Unconfirmed reports also suggested there was a suicide note. Shortly before her alleged suicide attempt, Jackson appeared upbeat as she dished on her personal makeup tips on her YouTube channel, however her recent Twitter postings seemed to unveil a more morose train of thought. According to Us Weekly, Jackson remained despondent over her father’s death and was suffering from depression and insomnia as a result. Other sources said Jackson was bullied at school and was experiencing boy trouble, and may have even been upset over being unable to attend a Marilyn Manson concert on a school night. While Jackson was also facing pressure from a possible court appearance in her family’s wrongful death suit against the producers of her father’s comeback tour, she seemed happy about reconnecting with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe. Recent updates say Jackson is on the mend.

Demi and Ashton’s divorce drama.
TMZ is reporting that Demi Moore (“G.I. Jane”) has reportedly signed a highly contended confidentiality agreement in order to gain access to Ashton Kutcher’s (“Two And A Half Men”) technology company’s records. But it’s not the company’s records that Moore is reportedly after – it’s the money. So, in true divorce proceedings fashion, Kutcher coughed up the company financials for A-Grade Investments with the caveat that any profits that were made came after he and Moore split up and not before. While their divorce drama plays itself out in court, the New York Post is alleging that Moore has been seeking the counsel of a spiritual astrologer to not only help clear the negative karma surrounding her marital break-up, but also to repair her relationship with her daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian (“Keeping Up With The Kardashians”) are officially no longer married – just in time for Kardashian to enjoy a peaceful pregnancy (free and clear of legal entanglements) as she awaits the arrival of her first child with hip-hop singer and boyfriend Kanye West next month. Humphries and Kardashian had been battling for a divorce for close to a year and a half, but reached a settlement in a Los Angeles courtroom in April, after a judge reportedly found Humphries’ grounds for an annulment baseless.

Amanda Bynes’ mental health in question.
Amanda Bynes’ (“Easy A”) Twitter-happy fingers never fail to let us in on what’s going on in the mind of the former child star. Bynes’ recent arrest for marijuana possession, which she continues to deny, set off a domino effect of incidents this past week as news of a nose job, followed by an alleged eviction notice, followed by varied celebrity support made the rounds. Here’s the rundown: Bynes was reportedly going to keep her plastic surgery a secret, but was compelled to set the record straight that her New York mug shot simply wasn’t an accurate portrait of what she should look like and so, she decided to ‘fix’ it. As for the alleged eviction notice, it seems the writing was on the wall considering Bynes’ unpopularity with the other tenants in her apartment building who’d reportedly been complaining about the persistent smell of pot and Bynes’ rude nature. Now that Bynes has undergone a psychological evaluation, a few celebs are starting to clamour in her corner – but not without some bruising for their efforts. Former N’Sync band member Lance Bass (“Tropic Thunder”) was spurned for his concern when he suggested that Bynes needed help for mental illness. Alfonso Ribeiro (“The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”) reportedly told the entertainment show “The Grio” that Bynes needed privacy to work out her personal issues, while Jenny McCarthy (“Scary Movie 3”) echoed Bass on “The View” in sharing her worries that Bynes was suffering from a mental disorder. Most recently, gossip blogger Perez Hilton noted that Bynes has a secret Twitter account called Barbie @persiannyc27 which she allegedly uses to air her darker thoughts, prompting Hilton to question if the actress may be suffering from schizophrenia.

It’s a sue-a-thon!
Lawsuits can be a real pain in the butt and singers Rihanna and Miguel may be just about to find out how much. Rihanna is reportedly named in a lawsuit against MAC Cosmetics after a woman claimed she contracted oral herpes from sampling the pop star’s RiRi Woo lipstick at a concert in New York on May 7. Starkeema Greenidge alleges that she was unable to go to work for weeks after discovering a cold sore on her lip, adding that a MAC rep failed to use a fresh lipstick tube when applying the shade to Greenidge’s upper lip.
R&B crooner Miguel may be regretting his failed mosh pit leap at last month’s “Billboard Music Awards.” You’ll remember that during his performance, Miguel crashed into an audience member as he barely made the jump to the other side of the stage. According to Khyati Shah’s lawyer, Shah is awaiting the results of a neurology test and may have suffered brain damage as a result of the incident, despite appearing to be alright initially. Of course, this leaves the door open for further legal action. Meanwhile, Miguel is denying reports that producers warned him not to jump during his rehearsals.

Bobbi K evicted?
Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown (“The Houstons: On Our Own”) and her boyfriend Nick Gordon are on the hunt for a new address as they were reportedly booted from their Georgia residence due to persistent noise complaints. TMZ reported that the neighbors below Brown’s apartment, Joshua Morse and his wife claimed that Brown was an absolute nightmare to live with. To say that Brown did not take the news very well is an understatement. On Twitter, she denied the eviction and reportedly posted a scathing, foul-mouthed, handwritten letter to the couple’s front door. TMZ added that after reading the letter, Morse promptly took it to the Alpharetta Police Department in Alpharetta, GA to file a police report, saying that he wanted the incident documented.

Sold! Lady Gaga’s nail art.
Embellished nail tips are all the rage nowadays, but who knew they could fetch a pretty price at an auction? The crew member lucky enough to find one of Lady Gaga’s acrylic nail tips, that’s who! The unnamed crew member walked away with a generous lottery of over $12,000 after auctioning off a black fingernail, decorated with tiny gold beads that he retrieved from the stage floor, following a concert performance from Lady Gaga at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland last September.