Credit: Robbie steals a car. (ITV)

Extended scoop.

Dev forces Karl’s hand on “Coronation Street.” Tanya takes drastic action with Lauren on “EastEnders.” Moira gets suspicious when she finds blood on Cain’s car on “Emmerdale.” John continues to get under Dex’s skin on “Home and Away.” Desperate measures are taken on “Hollyoaks.” And Lauren has a week full of failures on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Tine decides to keep Gary and Izzy’s baby, much to everyone’s chagrin. Tommy tries to talk her out of it but she refuses. The Windass family is shocked and furious but Tina remains adamant. Meanwhile, David’s paranoia about Kylie keeps on growing.

Eileen continues having trouble dealing with Paul’s dangerous life. She opens up to Deirdre about it. Paul senses Eileen is having serious misgivings and she decides it might be time for her to get some professional help. And Marcus and Maria may have already gone beyond the stage where professional help could actually be helpful.

Spoiler alert: Michael hunts down Janine and Scarlett in a panic. Janine infuriates him some more and he decides to lash out by using the first person he finds. Meanwhile, Alice may be falling for a man but he doesn’t seem to feel the same way. When she tells Kat about it, Kat’s nauseated.

Bianca urges Carol to come clean with Masood before it’s too late for them to patch things up. And Lucy goes looking for some answers about Ian’s financial dealings. She winds up finding a letter among other things. She gives these to Peter and he decides that the letter belongs with Bianca.