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All’s fair in love and war.

A few try to mend their broken hearts while others refuse to give up on revenge. More than one can play at that game.

All My Children:
Celia’s visions continue, Colby returns to Pine Valley, and Zach and Lea take their turn at questioning Billy Clyde. Don’t miss the All My Children Spoilers to find out who AJ’s seen with.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Maya confronts Bill, Steffy shares a secret with Katie, and Brooke continues to chase her past with Eric. See The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers to find out what Eric’s next decision is about.

Days of our Lives:
Kristen goes after Brady, Stefano plans revenge, and Gabi shares her feelings with Will. The Days of our Lives Spoilers indicate JJ’s in trouble.

General Hospital:
Franco tells Ava his plans, Ellie discovers someone’s medical secrets, and Michael confesses more to AJ.’s General Hospital Spoilers tell us who’s in the mood for love.