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Could it be the end for our favorite “Twilight” couple? Will JLo be the next mobile mogul? And just how smart is Eva Longoria? Find out in this week’s Celebrity News!

Splitsville for Pattinson and Stewart?
Somehow, while we weren’t paying attention, the reconciliation that we all hoped for between Robert Pattinson (“Cosmopolis”) and Kristin Stewart (“Snow White And The Huntsman”) failed to take root and flourish. And since news of the “Twilight” co-stars’ latest reported split broke, the headlines have been buzzing over the reason they decided to end their relationship. Sources say, Pattinson decided to pack up and move his belongings out of his and Stewart’s Los Feliz, California home over the weekend, following a series of new text messages that Stewart reportedly received on Pattinson’s birthday from Rupert Sanders, Stewart’s “Snow White And The Huntsman” director and the man with whom she had an affair less than a year ago. Insiders say that Pattinson was miserable and never got over Stewart’s infidelity and, since moving out, has cut off all contact with her. Meanwhile, other sources can’t decide whether a distraught Stewart is struggling to recover and refusing to leave her home, or is leaving her home an emotional wreck and seeking the company of family and friends, including media-crowned-post-breakup therapist Taylor Swift. That myth has since been debunked, but has been replaced with rumors that singer Katy Perry’s friendship with Pattinson might be behind the breakup. Stewart, in the meantime, is philosophizing on Twitter.

Eva Longoria, the graduate.
Congratulations to Eva Longoria (“Desperate Housewives,” ex-Isabella, “Y&R”) who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Chicano Studies from California State University in Northridge. Longoria flew home for her grad ceremony after spending several days in Monaco attending the Cannes Film Festival. Longoria also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology from Texas A&M University. Longoria’s next television project is a collaboration with “Desperate Housewives” show creator Marc Cherry, titled Devious Maids which will premiere on June 23 on the Lifetime Network.

Michael Lohan ready to transfer Lindsay?
Bah! What does a judge know? Michael Lohan feels father knows best and is determined to spring his daughter Lindsay Lohan (“The Canyons”) out of the Betty Ford Center where she is currently in a 90-rehab program. While Lohan has been settling in quite nicely, according to Radar Online, papa Lohan’s new and improved treatment solution for his daughter is the Lukens Institute in Florida, which reportedly offers an accelerated, clean-and sober 30-day program over the “ridiculous” three-month therapy at Betty Ford that Lohan reportedly feels Lindsay doesn’t need. Since being admitted earlier this month, sources say Lohan is functioning and eating well, and is surrounded by a team of doctors, including a psychologist, a dietician and a drug therapist to help manage her care.

In a separate matter, Lohan is being countersued by DNAM Apparel Industries Inc. for allegedly damaging their reputation. It seems Lohan’s association with DNAM, which extended to helping her manufacture her 6126 leggings collection, poisoned the company’s bottom line because of her unstable behavior and suspected drug use. DNAM is claiming $5 million in the lawsuit, and suggests Lohan’s reputation cost them investors. Lohan filed her own lawsuit against the company last year for $1 million in unpaid royalties and breach of contract.

The X-Factor is back with two new judges!
Can Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio give “The X-Factor” that critical edge the reality singing competition is looking for? You won’t have to wait long to find out. After much negotiation, Rowland and Rubio have been signed, replacing L.A. Reid and Britney Spears as the newest judges to join Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell for “The X-Factor’s” third season this fall. Rowland currently enjoys a solo singing career after a successful run as a member of girl group Destiny’s Child and comes to the US version of the show after a stint on “The X-Factor” UK in 2011. Rubio is a Mexican singing sensation with a reported 25 plus million albums sold worldwide. With the addition of Rowland and Rubio and the return of Lovato, this leaves Cowell as the only male judge on the panel. (Right, like he didn’t plan that on purpose.)

More money drama for Mary J. Blige.
What is it about paying taxes that has some celebrities singing out of tune or even choking altogether? R&B diva Mary J. Blige reportedly owes $3.4 million in federal taxes since 2009 and that’s in addition to the reported $900,000 she reportedly owes in back taxes to the state of New Jersey. Blige has been plagued with a myriad of fund mishandlings and loan defaults over the last several years. In the last two years, Blige faced two lawsuits – one, for defaulting on a $500,000 bank loan and two, for defaulting on a separate $2.2 million bank loan that she shared with her husband, Martin Isaacs, for which the bank is also expecting a hefty $58,000 in interest payments.

Barbara Walters’ daughter arrested.
She may be past the age of the obligatory police march to her mother’s front door, but that probably didn’t save Barbara Walters (“The View”) any embarrassment when she learned of her 44-year-old daughter, Jacqueline’s arrest for driving under the influence (DUI). On May 19, Jacqueline Walters Danforth was arrested for drunken driving after a breathalyzer test showed she had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system. Florida authorities reportedly approached Danforth’s car, which was stopped on the highway without its lights on. According to TMZ, the police noted that both Danforth and her male companion were heavily intoxicated and that Danforth became hysterical and out of control when they went to apprehend her friend, forcing the police to handcuff her while she was on the ground. She was later released on $1,000 bond. So much for Walters’ worry-free retirement.