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Extended scoop.

Hayley does her best to help Roy face his painful past on “Coronation Street.” Ray has to make a life altering choice on “EastEnders.” Charity gives Debbie a warning but that doesn’t stop her from going on a date on “Emmerdale.” Esther has to deliver a baby on “Hollyoaks.” The blame starts to fall on Kyle over the upset with the Braxton crew on “Home and Away.” And there is an eclipse on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Gary’s having a hard time keeping what’s been going on under wraps. Tommy keeps shooting him daggers and Ryan isn’t far behind. With all of the upset that Gary has caused with his wandering lips, Tina starts to worry about what will happen to the baby. Gary gets desperate to do some damage control.

Carla starts to realize that bringing her brother in to work at the bookies might not have been so bright. Peter and Rob furiously battle for control with Tracy stirring things up in the middle. It’s not long before Carla realizes things are worse than she thought.

Spoiler alert: Things are tense between Phil and Sharon. She’s been keeping secrets and he doesn’t like it, especially when he finds out what a mess it has landed Lexi in. He’s desperate to help Lola get her back, but his help could wind up costing her as the court hearing winds down.

Tanya is optimistic that things might be getting back on track for Lauren after she gives her a talking-to. Those hopes soon fizzle as Lauren’s drunken shenanigans get out of hand. And Jack and Max team up to try and help Kirsty when someone from her past rears their head again following a series of threats.