The past, the future, and in between.

While a few are confronted with their past this week, others have to make a decision about their future. Sadly some have no choice to make.

All My Children:
Angie is given disturbing news, Miranda helps someone out, and David wants to start over anew. Don’t miss the All My Children Spoilers to find out if there’s good or bad news coming to Pine Valley.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Caroline won’t let Rick go, Bill drudges up someone from Maya’s past, and Brooke shocks Eric. See who Hope is getting personal with in this week’s The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers.

Days of our Lives:
Hope may have evidence implicating EJ in a crime, Marlena brings up divorce, and Chad’s still interested in Abigail. The Days of our Lives Spoilers hint at new characters coming soon.

General Hospital:
AJ and Tracy face off on “The Chew,” Molly struggles to make a decision between TJ and Rafe, and something haunts Luke.’s General Hospital Spoilers indicate things might not be over between one couple.

One Life To Live:
Todd wants Viki to believe he’s changed, Mathew gets caught in a compromising situation, and Tea’s surprised by something she learns. Visit the One Life To Live Spoilers to learn what’s bothering Dani.

The Young And The Restless:
Chloe remains in lock-up when Kevin doesn’t confess, temptation wins over Billy, and a secret is exposed. Visit The Young and Restless Spoilers to find out what’s going on after Fen’s disappointment.

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– Violette DeSantis