Credit: The dead bride on "Hollyoaks." (E4)

Extended scoop.

David starts demanding that Kylie be tested on “Coronation Street.” Alice’s attempts to outwit Janine could backfire on “EastEnders.” Kerry is a bad, bad babysitter on “Emmerdale.” Charges are made after the bloody wedding on “Hollyoaks.” Heath tells Bianca they should have another baby on “Home And Away.” And Amber mucks up Chris’ love life on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Hayley does her best to convince Roy to finally make contact with his long estranged father. When things turn sour, Roy blames her for it. Meanwhile, Tina starts to worry about her situation and turns to Tommy for some support. This only fuels Gary’s panic. And Stella starts to panic as her life turns completely pear shaped. Will her mother be able to bail her out?

The Daily Mirror has reported that William Roache (Ken), the longest running soap actor in history, has been charged for allegedly raping a 15 year old girl twice in 1967. He has been suspended from shooting episodes pending the resolution of the charges.

Spoiler alert: Lola worries that Sharon could ruin everything for her where Lexi is concerned. When Sharon invites her over for a family dinner, Lola snoops for dirt. Things quickly get out of hand as Trish and Shirley stumble in.

Ian is desperate for cash to keep the restaurant afloat and betrays those around him. Meanwhile, Dexter is feeling betrayed by his mother just as the rest of his life falls apart. And Ava tries to keep herself together but her problems with Dexter make that impossible.

Spoiler alert: Trying to get David out of her system, Alicia goes out on a date with Dom. Things don’t pan out as she expected when she discovers that David actually engineered the date. She vents and may say more than she means to.

Debbie gets close to Cain but pushes too fast and ends up suffering for it. While she plots to make him pay for turning his back on her, Megan and Dan are busy doing all they can to save Sean’s life. And Megan gets sick of how Robbie has been treating her.