Some of the coolest, craziest, and most interesting soap opera moms.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we thought it only makes sense to recall the wackiest things our daytime mothers have ever done for their children. Whatever these mums did, it’s clear that they strive to put their children first, for the most part.

10. Scheming Sami on Days:

Episode # 10695While Days of our Lives’ Sami Brady sometimes uses her kids as an excuse to exact revenge on anyone in her way, she does do plenty for her kids to protect them from harm. This Salemite tried to hide her pregnancy and keep the paternity of Sydney a secret to protect her from EJ DiMera, even while hiding out in a safe house. A couple of years later, when EJ was to wed Sami, Rafe Hernandez stopped the wedding to let her know that EJ was behind Sydney’s previous kidnapping. Needless to say, Sami called off the wedding and later ended up shooting EJ in the head because Kate warned her that EJ would flee the country with their children. A mother willing to commit murder for her kids? Now that’s a er… killer of a mother.

9. Phyllis’ plots on Y&R:

Danny-romalotti-yr-jpYoung and the Restless’ Phyllis Summers’ son Daniel was essentially a product of Phyllis’ scheming after she drugged and had sex with Danny Romalotti and even fixed the DNA tests to ensure that Danny appeared to be the father of her baby. When Danny found out that he wasn’t the father, he still cared for Daniel and took him away from Phyllis. Eventually, Phyllis and Daniel were reunited and Phyllis felt this extreme need to be the mother who Daniel always wanted. This included meddling with his love life, and getting involved when the evil and unstable Daisy Callahan had Daniel’s baby, Lucy. While Daniel wanted to give Lucy up for adoption, Phyllis did everything in her power to keep custody of Lucy, including making a deal with Daisy to give her custody while she was in jail. This eventually backfired, but you can say that Phyllis is a mom who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.


8. Nora’s never-ending love on OLTL:

hillary-b-smith-gh-nora-ssOne Life to Live’s Nora Buchanan, who’s had her share of troubles, is one mother who will do anything for her children, even if she’s forced to be unethical. When her daughter, Rachel, admitted to killing Georgie, Nora risked everything and went on the run with her to protect her. Nora even turned a blind eye as the DA when she and Bo found out that their son Matthew killed Eddie Ford. Instead of turning him in and exonerating Clint, who had been arrested, Nora begged Bo and Matthew to stay quiet in order to keep him out of prison. Though normally one to fight for the law, when it comes to her kids Nora is a force not to mess with.


7. Chloe’s crazy idea on Days:

nancy-tries-reasoning-with-chloe-days-nbcWhen Chloe Lane came back to Salem recently on Days of Our Lives, we knew she was up to no good. She told Dr. Daniel Jonas that Parker was really his son, not Philip Kiriakis’, and she wanted to reunite her son with his father again. When she saw that Daniel and Jennifer Horton were close, she knew she’d lose her dream of being a family with Daniel and Parker for good. Without hesitation, Chloe schemed to break up Jennifer, including trying to make Jennifer jealous of her. When that didn’t work, Chloe enlisted the help of her mom, Nancy Wesley, to take Parker to Brazil and threatened Jennifer to stay away from Daniel or Parker would stay in Brazil permanently. This didn’t work in the end, but it shows the lengths and distances that this desperate mom will go to for her child. At least Parker got a good vacation out of it.


6. Heather Webber’s baby switch on GH:

Franco-visist-Heather-GH-ABCWith some help from Todd Manning, General Hospital’s Heather Webber thought that switching Téa Delgado’s dead baby with Sam McCall’s alive baby was a good way to salvage her relationship with her son Steve Webber on General Hospital. Heather ended up giving Tea’s dead baby to Sam, while Todd gave Sam’s alive baby to Tea. Yes, what Heather attempted to do for her son still didn’t make sense but in a warped way, she was a caring mother, right?

5. Stephanie Forrester’s deadly schemes on B&B:

Stephanie Forrester has done many things to protect her sons, Ridge and Thorne, no matter how old her children were and certainly wasn’t shy to stayStephanie-forrester-morgan-dewitt-argue-bb-am out of their love lives. She tried to trap Ridge into a relationship with Dr. Taylor Hayes, even going as far as getting Ridge’s previous love, Morgan DeWitt, to abort the baby she had with Ridge. When Taylor came back in the picture, Stephanie faked a heart attack with the hopes that it’d bring Ridge and Taylor together. She did everything to keep Brooke Logan out of Ridge’s life, including attempting to kill her, holding her at gunpoint so that she’d commit suicide, and even hiring a lawyer to pursue her romantically during a custody battle with Ridge. Without a doubt, Stephanie did everything to protect her children and was certainly one formidable soap opera mother who will certainly be missed.

4. Erica Kane’s unlawful plans on AMC:

Erica-kane-halloween-amc-psAll My Children’s Erica Kane would do anything for her children, and she did, including kidnapping her daughter Bianca and lying under oath to keep custody of her. When Bianca Montgomery was older, Erica even offered Lena Kundera $3 million to break up with Bianca and stay away from her forever. There’s nothing Erica won’t do for her children and those who aren’t even her children. She did, after all, kidnap Dr. Maria Santos and Edmund Grey’s baby and try to pass it off as her own. This makes this loving mother one of the most interesting on the soaps.

3. Vivian Alamain’s psychotic attempts on Days:

vivian-ivan-days-nbc-universalIncVivian Alamain was one of those characters on Days of Our Lives who didn’t have children to fight for, but tried to protect children who weren’t her own. Vivian always saw and attempted to protect Philip Kiriakis as her own son, since she carried him in her womb after stealing him from Kate Roberts, his real mother, when he was still in a petri dish. Vivian was more memorable for her claim that everything she did was for her late nephew Lawrence Alamain. This, of course, included trying to bury Carly Manning alive twice for killing Lawrence. While Vivian’s attempts to avenge her nephew’s death were psychotic, you can’t say that she didn’t love him as if he were her own son.

2. Genevieve Atkinson avenging her kid on Y&R:

colin-cane-yr-cbsGenevieve Atkinson’s arrival on The Young and the Restless proved right off the bat that she would do anything for her children, dead or alive. She followed Colin Atkinson, her former husband, to Genoa City from Australia to avenge the death of her daughter, Samantha. She even attempted to kill Colin several times, but failed to do so. Genevieve’s love for her children trumped any regard for the law, and this was apparent when she had all her assets frozen and confessed to illegal business tactics to keep her son Cane Ashby from being deported. While it seemed that Genevieve may have been a bit crazy from dealing with her evil Australian ex-husband and the grief over losing Samantha Atkinson, she always tried to forge a better relationship with Cane and Lily Winters, even until she left Genoa City. This was one soap opera mom who proved that hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

1. Kate Roberts’ framing ways on Days:

 How could Days of our Lives’ Kate Roberts DiMera not make the top of this list? Not only does she go above and beyond for her children and grandchildren, but she’s not afraid to break the law to do so. Kate is a very hands on mother who has done the usual things a soap mother would do, including attempting to change the paternity results of Claire Brady so that her son Philip would be the father and happily stay with Belle Brady. But Kate had also made it her mission in life to keep Sami Brady and Kate’s other son Lucas apart, even if it meant seeing Lucas heartbroken. She’s plotted to have Lucas walk in and find Sami in bed with Brandon Walker, and years later schemed EJ DiMera to break up Sami and Lucas. One of the most memorable things she did for Lucas was to frame Sami for the murder of Franco Kelly, who Lucas actually shot. This plot went as far as to place Sami on death row, but Kate did everything in her power to save Lucas from taking the blame and even tried to convince him to look the other way when Sami was about to be executed by lethal injection. Such a great role model, yes?

Who do you think is the most interesting soap opera mother? Let know, and tell us why, in the comments section below.

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