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We know you have an opinion about your favorite Primetime shows, and now you can find the latest’s polls from each show we cover, together in just one place.

Each poll is updated after the show airs and the recap is posted, so check back each week for a new round of questions and speculations.

What was the most shocking reveal in the Season Two finale? Vote in the last Dallas poll until the recently-renewed show returns for Season 3 in 2014.

Do you think Kurt and Blaine will get back together? Cast your vote in the Glee poll, updated each Thursday.

Grey’s Anatomy:
Should Owen adopt Ethan? Let us know in our Grey’s Anatomy poll, new after the show airs on Thursdays.

What was the most shocking thing to happen in Sunday’s episode – Charlotte’s pregnancy reveal, Takeda’s murder or something else? Vote in our Revenge poll before even more secrets are revealed during the two-hour May 12 finale.

The Vampire Diaries:
Do you think Elena will go back to Stefan now? Let us know in our Vampire Diaries poll to share your thoughts.