David tells Alicia how he feels on Emmerdale. (ITV)

Extended scoop.

The past comes back to haunt Sylvia on “Coronation Street.” Michael’s hopes for Scarlett are still cloudy thanks to Janine on “EastEnders.” David finally tells Alicia how he feels about her on “Emmerdale.” The bride gets brutally killed on “Hollyoaks.” Sonya gets the blame on “Neighbours.” And Adam is alive and looking for revenge on “Home And Away.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Stella’s choices manage to make Owen her new enemy after she costs him a load of money. Meanwhile, Nick and Kylie discover that they have another enemy. It turns out that someone else knows about their indiscretion. The guilt starts eating away at him and she starts to worry about David’s strange behavior.

Izzy has a hard time shaking her suspicions about Gary’s feelings for Tina. It isn’t long before Gary actually manages to come clean about what’s been going on. And Audrey manages to unwittingly make life harder for Katy.

Spoiler alert: Roxy is miffed when Alfie wants to keep their attempt at getting pregnant a secret. She soon has the chance to vent her anger when she has a run-in with Kat. Roxy has other problems to deal with, like looking after The Vic on her own when someone tries to rob it.

Ian’s new restaurant gets ready to open. There is no shortage of women competing for waitressing positions, but the new business venture hits a major problem.