Out of control on Hollyoaks. (E4)

Extended scoop.

Carla has a hard time convincing Peter to work with Rob on “Coronation Street.” Sharon’s painkiller addiction could drive her over the edge on “EastEnders.” Rachel faces the fallout at the factory on “Emmerdale.” An angry Ste returns to “Hollyoaks.” Dexter has another seizure on “Home And Away.” And the Turner boys learn what fate will befall them on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Anna starts to worry that Gary has been spending too much time with Tina. Across the street, David and Kylie inform his family that they are having a girl. How will Nick react? Facing the prospect of losing Paul forever, Eileen realizes she’s made a horrible mistake but may not be able to save her relationship.

Meanwhile, shaken with guilt, Karl gets desperate and proposes to Stella. Leanne doesn’t waste time telling her mom that accepting his offer would be a mistake. Karl is furious and gets menacing. Leanne is shocked. However, Stella needs her daughter more than ever and begs her to bail the Rovers out of its financial problems.

Spoiler alert: Janine and Michael battle over custody of Scarlett. He gets desperate when he looks like he’ll lose out. Alice tries to talk him out of doing something stupid. He does his best to keep himself calm but Janine won’t stop pushing his buttons.

Lister trashes Bianca’s parenting skills so she lashes out at him. Meanwhile, Lola tries to cheer Billy up after everyone forgets it’s his birthday. She has more on her plate though, like Sharon’s secret. She’s left with a hard choice to make when confronting the truth could mean sending Lexi back into care.

Spoiler alert: Priya gets the truth about Archie’s father and she is shocked. She’s not the only one. The village is full of more gossip than usual. When Nikhil finally hears what’s been going on, he’s astounded. And Kerry is in for an unpleasant surprise when Amy tells her how things ended with Andy.

Robbie ruins Megan’s plans when he refuses to move in to Brook. However, Vanessa winds up moving in instead. Meanwhile, Declan’s plans for the land hit another problem and he decides to take his frustration out on Jai. And Chas is on Cameron’s trail as he prepares to move the body.