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Our Daytime shows always keep us guessing about where the latest plot twists and turns will take our favorite characters. We’re not always right when we speculate, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. And you can take a guess too in our latest polls.

Each poll is updated after the Friday cliffhanger and the recap is posted, so check back each week for a new round of questions.

All My Children:
Only one more week before we get to go back to Pine Valley! Will you be watching the “AMC” reboot on April 29? Vote in the All My Children Poll, with new polls coming after the first week of shows.

The Bold and The Beautiful:
What did you think about Steffy’s surprise for Liam on their wedding day? Vote in The Bold and the Beautiful poll.

Days of Our Lives:
What do you think will be Brian’s next move? Let us know in our Days of our Lives poll.

General Hospital:
Do you think Connie was too harsh on Sonny? Let us know in our General Hospital poll.

One Life To Live:
This is the last week without “OLTL” in our lives. Will you watch the reboot when it returns on April 29? Vote in the One Life To Live Poll.

The Young and the Restless:
What is your opinion about Billy running the restaurant? Vote in The Young and the Restless poll.