While many have seen, and even some have bought, products from veteran soap opera actress Linda Dano’s Home Collection, others are still wondering what the buzz is all about – and they’re about to get the chance to see!

On Thursday January 15 tune into QVC to watch Linda live for her shows themed “Free Decorator For The Day!” During these two one-hour shows, which will air at 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM EST, Linda will show you inexpensive ways to get, what she calls, The New Year Facelift For Your Home!

Wait, there’s more… If you have a question for Linda throughout the show, those who get through will have a chance to speak to the star turned decorator herself! Just call 1-800-345-1515!

Soaps.com hopes everyone enjoys an hour with Linda! We just know one of her products will fit perfectly into your own home décor! For those who missed our interview with the actress, you can check it out in our Latest News Room!