What will happen?

If you can’t wait to find out what will happen on your favorite Primetime show until it airs you can take a peek at our spoilers for each of the Primetime shows we cover, updated weekly.

We saw Sue Ellen expertly channeling JR in the season finale. Will we get to see more? Check our Dallas spoilers frequently to find out if the show has been renewed for Season 3.

We love that Coach Roz is back, but what about Coach Sue? Find out what she has been up to in our Glee spoilers.

Grey’s Anatomy:
Will caring for Ethan put a wedge between Owen and Christina? Keep up with them and all the happenings at Grey Sloan Memorial with Soaps.com’s Grey’s Anatomy spoilers before the show returns April 25.

Pretty Little Liars:
After some big reveals in the season finale – Toby is alive! – we are on pins and needles for the show’s return. Keep checking our Pretty Little Liars spoilers to see what will happen when the show returns June 11.

Now that Emily is on the hunt for Victoria’s secret son, will the ice queen finally melt? The repeats will soon be over, so keep checking our Revenge spoilers to see what will happen when new episodes return April 29.

The Vampire Diaries:
Bonnie tracked down Silas to his cave, but will she be able to make him reveal his face? Find out in our Vampire Diaries spoilers.