Credit: (ABC)

All My Children

Patty G. asks: Who is Di? Di Henry, previously played by Kelli Giddish, will return to the show on November 14 through the 17 and will be played by Heather Kenzie. You can read all about who Di is in her character profile page.

As The World Turns

Lillian P. asks: What happened to Martha Byrne who played Lily? Martha left the role of Lily back on March 14, 2008. You can read about why the actress left the show in our As The World Turns News Room to get the inside scoop!

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hillary O. asks: Is there any way to get Phoebe’s song. It was so beautiful and I would love to be able to get it somehow! We agree, it was beautiful! However, apparently Phoebe’s song is not available to the public. This is sometimes the case for soap songs, so isn’t unusual. Stay tuned to our The Bold and the Beautiful News Room where we’ll post should this ever change.

Days of Our Lives
Cheryl T. asks: Who is John’s therapist and did she used to play a role on Days or another soap? Sandra (Ferguson) Robinson is playing Dr. Charlotte Taylor. Although she didn’t play on Days before, she does have quite a nice list of soap opera credits to her resume! You can more about her in our Days of Our Lives News Room! You’ll see where else you’ve seen her! She won’t be on the show for long, so don’t miss a scene!