Mercedes in danger. (E4)

Extended scoop.

Katy and Chesney’s relationship continues to be rocky on “Coronation Street.” Someone new is coming to “EastEnders.” Amy kisses Gavin to make Andy jealous on “Emmerdale.” Will needs some help on “Hollyoaks.” Heath tries proving he can be a parent on “Home And Away.” And Kyle has bad news for Rani on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Leanne wants Peter to buy her out of the bookies but he’s nearly broke. She threatens to take over the business before he destroys it. Peter is even more annoyed when he discovers that Carla has bought up Leanne’s shares. Meanwhile, Tommy starts to suspect that Gary has more than friendly feelings for Tina after he tracks down her father’s old wedding ring.

Mary manages to impress the still grieving Dev with her skills as a nanny. And Faye is disappointed that Tim isn’t spending more time looking after her and would rather be down at the pub.

Spoiler alert: Joey’s miffed with Lauren, which sends her on a bit of a bender, but Max seems to be coming around to Kirsty’s news that he is going to be a father yet again. She still wants to keep it a secret. Also keeping secrets: Ian swears Jean to secrecy when he plans to open a new restaurant. And Liam is making the Butcher’s a bunker as he hides out in fear of a gang attack.

Cornell S. John will be joining the cast as Sam, the long lost father of Dexter. Look for him to show up in May. In more casting news, Ray Dixon (Chucky) will be leaving the cast in June.

Spoiler alert: After hearing about Declan’s plans for the woods, Cameron heads out to do some digging and cover his tracks. Little does he know that Chas and Gennie are following him. Back in town, Declan has to face the fact that Steve has plans of his own for the woods.

Alicia asks Dom out. Meanwhile, Sam agrees to move back in with Rachel so they can give things another shot and Paddy tells Vanessa where she should go.