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Our favorite Daytime shows like to raise more questions than they answer, and we love guessing what will happen next. We’re not always right, but trying is half the fun. Check out each of our Daytime shows to participate in our latest polls.

Each poll is updated after the Friday cliffhanger and the recap is posted, so check back each week for a new round of questions.

All My Children:
Who has started watching the “AMC” reboot that returned online on April 29? Vote in the current All My Children Polls which are posted new each Thursday.

The Bold and The Beautiful:
Which lovely lady should Rick be with? Vote in The Bold and the Beautiful poll. We’ll have a new one each Friday.

Days of Our Lives:
What should be the next move for Vargas? Let us know in our Days of our Lives poll. If that one has been closed, vote in the most current!

General Hospital:
Thoughts on the return of Stavros? Vote in our General Hospital poll and stay tuned for the next one. We post new each Friday.

One Life To Live:
Who has been watching the “OLTL” reboot which returned online on April 29. Vote in the One Life To Live Poll and remember, each Thursday, we add a new weekly poll.

The Young and the Restless:
Who should Dylan date? Vote in The Young and the Restless poll. If this poll has closed, feel free to vote in the newest poll.