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Up close with the actors.

Soaps.com’s March interviews had one “Days of our Lives” newcomer talking about her role as a resident mean girl, another Salem alum sharing details into her new book and what it was like for one actress to return to Daytime…

Hollie Deese talked to the actress who plays “Days of our Lives” Anne Milbauer about working with Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and her character’s hatred for Jenn (Melissa Reeves). In our Interview with Meredith Scott Lynn the actress shared a little bit about what makes her character tick. “Who is Anne? That is going to be the name of my autobiography. Anne is a really shut-down, bitter woman who has worked very hard to get where she is, only what she really wants is Jennifer’s job. And Jennifer, in Anne’s opinion, hasn’t had to do a damn thing other than be a Horton to get what she has. Anne doesn’t see Jennifer as anything deserving of the role that she plays at the hospital. So as far as Anne is concerned, Jennifer is lucky. Anne had to work her ass off to get there and that is just not okay. So Anne’s mission in life, for now, is to destroy Jennifer in any way she can, other than hurt her physically. Which, I don’t know, she might be open to that too.”