Credit: Up in flames on Neighbours. (FremantleMedia)

Extended scoop.

Explosions on “Corrie” and “Neighbours,” new romance on “EastEnders,” infidelity on “Emmerdale,” a dark exit on “Hollyoaks” and a health scare on “Home and Away.” Stay in the know with British and Aussie soaps.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: A fire starts at The Rovers trapping Stella upstairs and Sunita in the cellar. It looks like Stella’s stalkerish ex Karl is the one to save her, but it remains to be seen if his other ex, Sunita, fares as well. Either way, Sunita is the prime suspect when arson is deemed the cause of the fire.

Ryan and Katy have started seeing each other, despite the fact she is living with the father of her son Chesney. To make matters worse, they sneak off in Chesney’s van for a tryst. When the van breaks down, they are discovered together by Gary. Will he spill the beans?

Spoiler alert: When her ex Max makes comments about her being single, Tanya lies that she’s actually seeing someone. To help her save face, Phil steps in to be her fake gentleman caller. Things turn a bit more realistic when the two share a couple of dates and a kiss. Things get more complicated though when Tanya discovers Phil was smooching on her friend Sharon, who is engaged to Max’s brother Jack.

Carol’s attempts at romance with the newly single Masood didn’t go so well, but things are looking up. It seems her daughter’s probation officer takes a shine to her and goes so far as to step down in his official capacity so he can spend time with Carol. They head out to the local pub and bond over shared experiences. Could this be love for Carol?

Spoiler alert: Jai returns to the village to his estranged wife Charity, who cheated on him with Declan in his absence. She wants to work on their relationship, but Cameron learns about the affair and threatens to expose her. She takes matters into her own hands and confesses her sins to Jai. Considering he has a secret child with another woman, he won’t have much room to feel betrayed.