Secret's out on Emmerdale. (ITV)

Extended scoop.

A couple of stars are leaving their soaps, new loves are blossoming on others, while secrets are out on a couple more. Keep track of all the action on British and Aussie soaps.

Coronation Street:

Natalie Gumede, who plays Kirsty Soames, is filming her final scenes on the soap this week. Kirsty has been abusing her partner Tyrone for the past few months, but accused him of physically assaulting her. Tyrone is about to go on trial and the show filmed two verdicts: One of him being led off in handcuffs and one of Kirsty being arrested. Does Gumede’s exit mean the latter outcome will air, or will she get the ultimate revenge for Tyrone’s affair?

Spoiler alert: Despite being involved with Chesney, the father of her child, young mom Katy becomes interested in resident hottie Ryan when they start working together. Flirtation quickly turns into a kiss, which leads to them sneaking off together.

“Corrie” isn’t the only show saying goodbye to one of their actors. “EastEnders” will see Scott Maslen exit his role as Jack Branning later this year. Maslen has played the Branning brother since 2007 and is currently involved in a bit of a love triangle with his fiancée Sharon and her ex Phil.

Spoiler alert: Janine is returning to Walford after having left Michael and their child six months ago. After she left, Michael had a hard time adjusting to single fatherhood, but has now taken to it in a way only Michael can. He also recently slept with Kat Moon, who he has another child with. Sounds like things could get pretty interesting for Michael in the next few months.

Spoiler alert: Brenda learns she has a brain tumor and needs surgery. She refuses to go under the knife, instead opting for the positive thinking treatment. Her adopted daughter Gennie can’t understand her behavior. She grows more upset when Brenda keeps her diagnosis from her boyfriend, who she breaks up with instead of confiding in.