Rivals on Home and Away. (Channel 5)

Extended scoop.

A fire on “Corrie,” a twist on “EastEnders,” a new romance on “Emmerdale,” a vicious plan on “Hollyoaks,” a breakup on “Home and Away” and a contest on “Neighbours.” There’s tons of juicy drama to be had. Don’t miss out on what’s to come across the pond.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: The local hangout, The Rovers, goes up in flames next month. The fire will put more than one life in danger, including landlady Stella. Who will perish and who will survive?

Gail put the pieces together and figured out her daughter-in-law Kylie helped Lewis bilk her out of her life savings. A pregnant Kylie confesses she did it because Lewis knew she cheated on David. Kylie proceeds to get drunk, fall and end up in the hospital. When Gail tells her other son Nick that David should know the baby might not be his, Nick admits he was the one Kylie slept with.

Spoiler alert: Jack’s had it with Phil getting in between him and Sharon and takes a swing at him. Unfortunately, the blow causes Phil to fall, hit his head and end up in the hospital. Jack ends up in the slammer, but can Sharon convince a recuperating Phil to go easy on her fiancée?

After Alfie asks Kat for a divorce, she runs straight into Michael’s arms. This would seem to ensure the end of the Moons, but all is not what it seems. There’s apparently one more twist to come that will keep Kat and Alfie linked.

Spoiler alert: Rachel was left horrified when, under the assumption Sam was interested, she confessed her feelings to him only to be let down. Things are looking up though as Sam stops by and they end up in a kiss. Considering her last relationship was with a married man who hasn’t publicly owned up to their child, this one is certainly starting out better.