Credit: GH's Greg Vaughan (ABC)

It seems everywhere we turn we are given an option to purchase a product that will help preserve the Earth. So which do you choose? The regular everyday incandescent light bulb or the new compact fluorescent ones?

Recently our writers had the chance to catch up with some Daytime actors, where we asked their thoughts on the whole Going Green hype, and here’s what they had to say!

Lori Wilson talked to The Bold and the Beautiful actress Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester) who told, “Actually I’ve been looking into opening up a place. Keith (Coulouris, ex-David/Reid, As the World Turns) and I both would love to open up a yoga studio/green store. We’re doing our part; we’re trying very hard. We’ve certainly made our kids aware, sort of what we have, we have in the house and we’re not getting rid of it. I’ve stopped using the microwave, and I’ve gone back to cooking on the stove. I don’t buy aerosol cans anymore. There’s certain things I won’t buy anymore and there’s certain products that I do buy if they’re labeled as such that they’re green and going to help our world stay around longer and stay around better and have the climate not boil us up and over. So, yeah, we’re doing our part to stay on top of it.”

There were a few Days of Our Lives actors who shared their Green way of life with Lori and Candace Young as well…

Linden Ashby (Paul Hollingsworth) said, ” We recycle a lot. Susan’s (Walters, ex-Diane, Y&R) great about it. She’s very green. She recycles everything. Turn the lights out when I walk out of a room. We drive less. I always try to ride a bike if it’s within a couple of miles where I have to go. We take care of the old stuff and not buy new stuff. We always bring our bags to the grocery store. We have chickens, so we eat our own eggs.”

When asking Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) about his going Green efforts, he shared, “My wife and I have actually talked about it a lot lately. We just ordered our Clean Canteens. We stopped using plastic bottles because we would get cases of Arrowhead water and Clean Canteen is basically a metal canister that doesn’t release any kind of plastic into the water you’re consuming. Now that we have kids, we’re just so aware of these things that we don’t want to put into their bodies now. We plan to get hybrids. I can’t wait to get rid of our cars right now because they’re gas-guzzlers. They’re not good for the environment. I’ll tell you what, Gary Tomlin, the executive producer at Days, he’s got the coolest looking Prius I’ve ever seen. So, I’m all about it right now. It’s so important.”

Sandra Robinson (Dr.Charlotte Taylor) stopped by and had this to say… “We have a new house, and the backyard was a big empty slate. So, instead of doing grass, we’re actually doing indigenous plants and drought-resistant foliage. It will be interesting and natural, with little walkways and outdoor areas, and it will definitely cut down on our watering and will work with the environment a lot better. The water company actually drove by and took photos of our front yard and asked to use them in their flyers as an example of drought-resistant foliage. If you do it right, you don’t have to use pesticides either, and it should bring a lot of the local wildlife around. As we’re getting little areas done, we’re already seeing more hummingbirds and things.”