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Whether you love a storyline or absolutely detest what’s going on in your favorite Daytime drama, wants to hear about it! We receive many emails from our readers about just that, and what fun would it be if we didn’t share them with everyone? Sit back and read about what your fellow fans have to say, but don’t forget to leave us your comments below!

All My Children

Love it: Tracie F.: I love some of the storylines because it’s not just on one person. It’s a lot of the cast that’s in the storyline.

Love it: Sharon G.: I want to let your character (Krystal) know I really appreciate the way she is handling her role. I lost my youngest son four years ago and I am still dealing with his lost. She is me, the same way I still am, the same way I am still dealing with my lost. My heart and prayers go out to her. Thank you so much for consoling me. I will continuously watch.

Hate it: Patricia T.: It is really too bad that David has returned. This show continues to develop characters that are not just bad but immoral. No fun to watch him.

Hate it: Joyce B.: I am not happy about having to watch Bianca’s love affair. I have watched AMC for many years, but have been switching to Y&R whenever the two of them are on.

As the World Turns

Love it: Shelli H.: Please put Jack and Carly back together again, and make them happy this time with no screw-ups. That’s what people want to see.

Love it: Mekasha H.: I want Carly and Jack to be together. Please do not let him be with Janet. Carly and Jack are made for each other. This story with him and Janet is so boring.

Hate it: John P.: You guys better do something about Jack and Janet together. The show will not be the same and you are going to lose a lot of viewers. I started watching the soap and will not continue until Jack and Carly are together again.

Hate it: Cathy W.: I guess when Jack and Janet get married that’s the end for me. I will not watch this show anymore. The show is terrible, to break up a family.

Hate it: Myra D.: Janet is not the right woman for Jack. He needs to stay with Carly. I hope Jack realizes that he’s still in love with Carly and dumps that hyperactive fool Janet!

Bold and the Beautiful

Love it: Sandy L.: I love your show. I am proud to say I became a member of your fan club. I am excited about your newest event.

Love it: Shavon S.: The show is my favorite. I don’t miss an episode. Hunter Tylo rocks! She is one of my favorite actresses on the show. I hope her and Ridge end up back together.

Love it: Cynthia B.: Please keep them together. Let Rick’s bad plans be exposed. You have enough storylines going on. The show is getting crazy. Keep some stability with Brooke and Ridge together. Let one storyline have a good ending.

Hate it: Vera J.: I just want the writers to know who really cares about Brooke and Ridge getting back together? Old story, old news. It seems that Brooke is the only female in the whole city. She has been with everyone, so please come up with a new storyline besides Brooke and Ridge breakup or Brooke and Ridge together again.

Hate it: Sue L.: Brooke has been through the entire Forrester men family and still ends up with Ridge. This is why I don’t enjoy watching Bold and Beautiful and don’t! She even took her daughters husbands (2 men) How ridiculous is that?

Hate it: Fran B.: Why have you had Thorne become as evil as the rest of the family? He was the only one who was ever decent all these years. It was kind of nice to see one of the Forresters who was that way. I looked forward to seeing him in past episodes. Guess I’ll watch someone else in another show for a change.

Days of Our Lives

Love it: Brenda S.: EJ and Sami are great together on Days of our Lives. Nicole and EJ… a scary thought.

Hate it: Sandra P.: How could you! I have been watching this soap since 1968 and you will lose a very loyal viewer if you let my favorite couple go! Surely you could figure out another way to save money. This will be your demise for good, forget the network is giving Days an extension. What a poor decision!

Hate it: Carleen C.: I am not happy with the exit of Marlana and John from Days. It is a mistake to take them off the air. I was thinking they could be the next Tom and Alice. I believe you will loss a lot of views when they are gone.

Hate it: Tracy S.: I have to tell whoever is listening… I have been a faithful fan for 20 years of Days. I have to say letting go of Marlena and John is an absolute disgrace and let down. You hardly have any original characters left who are even worth to watch. I have to really consider taping the show everyday as I have done for 20 years, cause it is unbelievable and disgusting to let these characters go. Didn’t you try to let John go once before and fans got so upset, so lets see what happens this time…

General Hospital

Love it: A.F.: Now that the GH world knows about Jake, GH should portray Jason as not just ruthless mobster but also as caring father. Liz should move in with him even if things are strictly platonic to give Jason that sense of fatherhood. They did it with Sonny and Carly, so why not with Jason & Liz.

Love it: Annie G.: I loved the wild things Jason had to do but let us see how love can always heal. Now is the perfect time for Laison to connect, Liz and Jason are destined.

Love it: Peatra S.: I just want to say how much I love your show. I have watched your show for 15 years. I love GH so much that I named my 3 kids after Carly, Luke and Spencer!

Hate it: Gena R.: I have been watching General Hospital for a very long time. I quit watching for a while but have been back for at least 18 years. Why can’t you have Laura back on for good? We old people like to see some of the older cast instead of all the young ones. They can blend in with each other. I for one would be very happy to see Laura on for good.

Hate it: Doreen N.: I think many of us would love to see Luke and Laura come back together even if it means they go away together. The mob stories are very boring. It would be great to bring back the older actors and use them in storylines forgetting about the mob. I find myself not watching it as much as I did.

Hate it: Jacqueline R.: I would like to know why you paired Nicholas with Nadine
Crowell/Claire. That’s the most mismatched couple you could ever pair up.