Not a warm welcome on Hollyoaks. (Lime Pictures)

Extended scoop.

Exes return to wreak havoc on “Hollyoaks” and “Neighbours,” parents kidnap their children on “EastEnders” and “Coronation Street” and new relationships are on the horizon on “Emmerdale” and “Home and Away.” There’s lots of drama ahead. Don’t get left behind.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: In a desperate attempt to be with his daughter, Tyrone plans to take Ruby and flee Weatherfield. He enlists the help of his girlfriend Fiz, who reluctantly agrees to go on the run with him. His pal Kevin, who has been trying to keep Ty in check, gives them an assist by making Ruby accessible to them. They apparently don’t get very far though, as Ty ends up in jail.

Maria and Marcus enjoy a night out with Beth and Kirk at a gay bar. The venue is cause for concern for Maria though, as she grows insecure thinking her formerly gay boyfriend is checking out the male patrons. The two get in a fight, which ends in Maria leaving the establishment. Will Marcus follow or stay behind to look at the eye candy?

Spoiler alert: Tyrone isn’t the only British soap character planning to kidnap their child. “EastEnders'” Lola breaks down over not being able to spend time with her baby and snatches her from legal guardian Phil. The situation causes Phil to turn to his ex Sharon for support and they end up in a kiss, which probably won’t sit well with Sharon’s fiancé Jack.

Bianca just got out of prison and is starting to build a new life for herself. Unfortunately, she faces turmoil when her young son Liam gets involved with a gang. She urges him to reconsider his actions and forces him to choose between his life of crime and his family. It’s anyone’s guess what he will decide.


Spoiler alert: Valentine’s Day is not a happy one for Rachel. She’s already forced to hide the truth about who the father of her child is and coming up, she mistakes Sam for an admirer. Encouraged by a Valentine’s Day card she receives, she assumes it’s from Sam and lays her feelings for him on the table. Unfortunately, there’s been a mix up and Sam lets her down gently that they can only be friends. But is that how he truly feels?