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Coming up in Primetime Television.

There is a lot going on in Primetime television during the week of February 4, as well as a few scoops for the weeks to come. This week’s Primetime Dish column highlights episode teasers, big casting scoops, whether or not Steve Carell will be returning for “The Office” finale, renewals, a sneak peek into a new A&E series, a final farewell for a longtime running CBS series, and an interview with Kevin Bacon on his new show…

A decision must be made in the CW’s Monday February 4 9:00 PM episode titled “Here Comes Honey Bye Bye.” Monday Episode Teasers: Max and Naomi visit a marriage counselor to determine if their relationship is worth saving. Teddy has some terms for Silver, who wants a chance to have a baby. Liam’s celebrity status helps Navid get into an elite secret society, and Annie races off to tell Riley her true feelings.

Army Wives:
Brooke Shields (“Hannah Montana,” “Lipstick Jungle”) has landed a recurring role on season seven of Lifetime’s hit series as Air Force Colonel Katherine ‘Kat’ Young. The series returns at 9:00 PM on Sunday March 10.

David Anders (“Once Upon A Time,” “The Vampire Diaries”) guest stars in the CW’s February 6 8:00 PM episode titled “Betrayal.” Wednesday Episode Teasers: Criminal Cyrus Vanch (Anders) plans to re-secure his leadership of the underworld after his release from prison. Arrow better watch out because Cyrus plans to take him down along the way. Oliver questions Moira about the names in his father’s notebook. Thea’s internship with Laurel leaves her feeling miserable, and Detective Lance makes a deadly mistake.

Renewed! Cinemax has green-lighted its action series for another season. Look for season two to premiere in 2014. For now, in Friday’s February 8 10:00 PM episode titled “The Kindred” Lucas and Siobahn spring into action when a band of raiding bikers crashes the annual Banshee Spirit Festival. FBI agent Xavier arrives to monitor the situation surrounding Lucas losing his key witness against Proctor, and Rebecca finds comfort in the sheriff.

Bates Motel:
Here’s your first look at the upcoming A&E series, which premieres on Monday March 18 at 10:00 PM.

Beauty And The Beast:
Risks are taken to keep someone safe in the CW’s February 7 9:00 PM episode titled “Cold Turkey.” Thursday Episode Teasers: Cat interrupts Muirfield romantic getaway with Alex in order to save all of their lives, and Evan becomes increasingly suspicious of J.T. after finding a bug in his lab.

Cougar Town:
In Tuesday’s February 5 TBS 10:00 PM episode titled “Runnin’ Down A Dream” Jules realizes she no longer wants to be in real estate. Bobby recognizes that his dream job is selling burgers from a truck, which gives Ellie the perfect opportunity to be rude to strangers.

Ann takes action against Ryland in Monday’s February 4 episode titled “Sins Of The Father.” posts recaps after each Monday episode airs. Find out what’s set to happen this season in our Dallas Spoilers.

Emily Owens, M.D.:
Choices have to be made in the CW’s February 5 9:00 PM episode titled “Emily And… The Leap.” Tuesday Episode Teasers: Will becomes jealous over Emily and Micah’s impending relationship. A personality change may be the cause of a woman’s hoarding situation involving way too many cats. Will misdiagnoses a patient while distracted by Cassandra, and Micah’s sister arrives in town after finding out the truth about their mother.

In HBO’s Sunday February 10 9:30 PM episode titled “The Ghost Is Seen” Amy, Tyler and Dougie try to dig up dirt on Szidon. Eileen is at the center of interest, and Tyler feels guilty when he starts dating someone new.

Though the HBO series wrapped up its eighth season back on September 11, 2011, Warner Bros. will go ahead with a motion picture follow-up. Stay tuned for its release date.

In HBO’s Sunday February 10 9:00 PM episode titled “One Man’s Trash” Hannah’s attraction to a forty-two year old doctor surprises her. Patrick Wilson (“A Gifted Man”) guest stars as the doctor in question, who appears very successful in his adult life.